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Herbal Sweetener

100% Natural


The natural remedy for diabetics.

Stevia contains no calories, and can be used for coffee, tea, juice, yoghurt, desserts, biscuits and more instead of sugar.

Stevia is a sweet plant, originally from South America (Paraguay). The local indians used this plant in their sweet foods and drinks. Also they have healed their wounds with it.

Stevia is 200-300 x sweeter than sugar.
Stevia has been used by the local Indians for the following medicinal properties:

- Lowering blood sugar level and blood pressure.
- Stevia is suitable for diabetics.

- Stevia can purifies the blood, and reduces hair loss.
- Stevia prevents caries, and it is good for the gum, especially for children.

- Stevia is antibacterial plant, used widely in toothpastes.
- Stevia may strengthens the nervous system, reduces stress and
strengthens the immune system.

Stevia contains many vitamins like A, C and D and minerals like iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Most famous stevia suppliers claim to offer pure stevia products. Unfortunately, it is often cheap, unhealthy chemical sweetner such as aspartame, which actually increase the blood pressure and sugar levels instead of decreasing it, and may cause depression and even Cancer.

Pure Stevia Extract has NO (dirty) or bitter aftertaste. Chemical sweeteners provide the weird taste actually, not stevia. Our stevia is sweet as sugar, but its not sugar, and the difference is obvious.

People think that these side effects comes from Stevia. The ingredients of these so called (Stevia products) consist sometimes 97% chemical sugar, including aspartame and not more than 3% stevia (to be able selling it as Stevia).

Always read what is exactly printed on the labels, no matter where you buy it or what brand it has. Beware of fake products that have the name Stevia and contain evrything else but Stevia.

Aspartam and chemical sweetners are addictive, the body gets used to it quickly and keeps asking for more sweeteners to get the same sweetness) a domino effect follows. Chemical sweetners may cause depression and even cancer.

Stevia is healthy, and suitable for diabetics.

We import
ORGANIC Stevia directly from Peru, and we assure you that we did physically inspected it there and got it approved by the official health authorities. offers pure organic Stevia, 100% natural and contains no artificial flavorings or colorings as most famous brands does, online, in Drug stores or in Supermarkets.

5 drops are equal to 2 spoons of sugar.

One bottle last between 2-3 weeks, depends on its use.

Our Stevia is alcohol-Free, odorless and contains no chemicals.

IMPORTANT: Our stevia powder is  bleached with organic lemon juice, not (infected) with chlorine. We dare to claim that very few producers if any could proves it beter than we can. Many other suppliers get their cheap quality Stevia bottles ready-made from China (Organic from China).

We offer quality Stevia and produce it with passion. We made business out of our passion. We want to earn some money but also help others and make many friends along.

1 bottle for 6 euros.

Prices including shipping in Europe.